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  Astrological Birth Chart   $1  
  Yearly Updates (return clients)   $110  
  Child's Birth Chart (parenting)  $125  
  Yearly updates for children   $65  
  Compatibility between two charts   $135  
  Two birth Charts & Compatibility   $350  
  Telephone Consultations & Private counseling (per hour)   $100  

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  Western Seeker, Eastern Paths $17.00  

  Astrology and Relationships $20.00  

  Chakras For Beginners $12.00  

  The Metaphysical Handbook $14.00  


The Chakras...$15.00 
A two tape set exploring each of the seven main chakras as to their function, balanced and imbalanced expression, and activities to pursue to activate and balance the entire chakra system.
The exciting transits into Sagittarius and Aquarius will be impacting all of us for the next several yeas.  David talks on how to awaken to this new energy.  David calls this an "energy first" time and discusses this in the talk.
Consciousness on the Run...$8.00 
Do you feel that life is getting away from you as the pace continues to accelerate?  Welcome to the Sagittarius/Aquarius era that we will be in for years to come.  Explores ways for staying centered in fast-moving times.
Astrology of creativity...$8.00 
Explores using the horoscope to access personal creativity.  The Fifth House, Twelfth House and the Outer Planets are covered in relationship to creativity.
Meditation...A Creative Visualization Experience...$5.00 
David guides the listener through a meditation focusing on each of the chakras with color and breath suggestions. 
The Outer Planets as a Call for Evolution...$8.00 
This is the talk that David will be delivering to the UAC International Astrology Conference in May of 98.  The outer planets are often thought of as troublesome, and they are to the ego.  But for the soul, these same outer planets, are the prods for our spiritual. 
The Art of Relationships...$8.00 
David explores each of the planets in regards to their role within relationships.  How to activate this level of consciousness first with the self and then with another.
Allowing the Darkness for Creativity...$8.00 
Creativity is often born out of dark, lonely places in our being.  This talk covers some of the womb like places in your chart that creativity is born from.
evolution and awakening.
The Uranus/Jupiter Conjunction through the Houses...$8.00 
This important conjunction offers an opportunity to reinvent your life and align with your future.  We trace its meaning in general and then explore its meaning through each of the houses.
Experiencing Tranquillity while Achieving your Potential...$8.00 
Explores integrating the career and spiritual dimensions of the birth chart.
The Fire Signs...$8.00 
The fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius deal with your confidence, enthusiasm and excitement, and we all have them in our charts.  This talk focuses on how to access this inspirational energy in your life.
The Soul and Spirit of Astrology...$8.00 
The terms "soul" and "spirit" are used often in this modern era.  This talk addresses the spiritual components of astrology as to which are of the soul and which are related to spirit.
Dealing with Difficult Aspects...$8.00 
This was a talk given to astrology students on the aspects within a birthchart.  David takes this difficult topic and makes it understandable, usable and entertaining.
Eros.  Intimacy and Transformation (2 tapes)...$15.00 
Mars and Venus are explored by signs, aspects to other planets and the phase of their cyclic relationship with each other.  Also covered are the Eighth house, Pluto, and Scorpio within the chart as they relate to sexuality and intimacy.
Trial by Water...$8.00 
This talk covers the water signs, houses and planets in the chart.  The emotional side of life is linked to the water signs.
The Astrologer, the Mystic, and the Therapist...$8.00 
This was a keynote talk given at an astrology conference.   David explores the connection of astrology to its mystical heritage, and argues that astrology can provide a non-pathological approach to consciousness growth.
This talk covers Saturn with three phases, 1.  The fears, restrictions and restraints of Saturn through each of the signs.  2.   Overcompensation through each of the signs and 3.  Balanced expression.
The "Awakener", Uranus shatters culturally conditioned views of reality and liberates you to a new world of potentials.  Covers signs, houses, aspects and transits of Uranus in your chart.
The "Visionary", Neptune dissolves a separate, ego view of life and offers an inspirational, spiritual view in its place.  That is if you can get beyond the fears, illusions, and escapist tendencies of Neptune first.
The "Transformer", Pluto brings death and rebirth to the area it inhabits in your chart.  Obsessive/compulsive behavior and   use of power (for good or ill) are also Pluto's realm of influence.  Learn how to align with your destiny.
Parenting with Astrology...$8.00 
This talk focuses on children's charts for parents.   The child's needs for self-esteem, emotional support, education, and discipline are revealed through the birth chart.
The Transiting Uranus/Neptune Conjunction Through the houses...$8.00 
See where the cutting edge of your personal evolution is by paying attention to what house in your chart these two are transiting.  This exciting conjunction is impacting everyone, one way or another.  Discover how your life is being impacted by this cosmic event.
Right Livelihood (2 tapes)...$15.00 
Using the chart to help clients find appropriate career choices.  Basic understanding of astrology helpful for these tapes.
Astrological Counseling...$8.00 
What it takes to become an Astrological Counselor, the ethics involved, and conducting a session  with a client are covered.
The Inner Journey...$8.00 
Covers the 4th, 8th, and 12th Houses, the outer planets, retrograde planets, intercepted planets and the quincunx aspect as they relate to the inner journey.


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